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FRI /18/2020 The Caped Crusaders of Science (Ballet)

6:45 PM Recorded Video

Continuing the tradition, the Superpowers of Science will be joined by dancing Superheroes in tights, capes and masks in this year’s annual Festival of Science Ballet featuring the NAU Community Music and Dance Academy. Choreographed by Andrew Needhammer.

FRI 9/18/2020 W. L. Gore & Associates Keynote Presentation: Tapping into the Superpowers of Science

7 PM, Christa Sadler with Live Q&A

Christa Sadler has been playing in the dirt and investigating the environment around her since she was a child. Join this river-running Earth scientist as she shares her world of exploration and discovery in search of dinosaurs, past civilizations and clues about the future of our planet. Learn how science works and how you can get involved in the adventure. Participate in a live, remote question and answer session following the presentation!

FRI 9/18/2020 Night Skies with Modern Eyes: David Koerner

9 PM Recorded Video

Sky watching is enriched by understanding different perspectives of indigenous communities. Native relationships to Earth and Sky suggest a reciprocal relationship with a living Universe, illustrated by sky stories.

SAT 9/19/2020 Tynkertopia STEAM Kits: Think Like an Engineer

8 AM Recorded Video

During the Festival of Science, Tynkertopia is distributing 750 free STEAM Kits that focus on the Engineering Design Process. Each kit contains all the materials and directions (in English and Spanish) needed to create four different bridges. The Tynkertopia STEAM Kits are designed for K-5th grade students. See the Free STEM Kits page for pickup times and locations.

SAT 9/19/2020 The Importance of Non-Exceptional Female Role Models in STEM: Pamela Metivier

10 AM LIVE Presentation with Q&A

Pamela Metivier, co-creator of the STEAMTeam book series shares her personal experience to illustrate why it’s important to provide young girls with relatable female role models so that they understand that they don’t have to be “exceptional” to have a career in STEM. 

SAT 9/19/2020 Pioneer Museum Virtual Open House

1 PM Recorded Videos

Three videos about historic technology: The Iron Lung, Blacksmithing, and the Baldwin #12 Locomotive. These three pieces of technology helped shape Flagstaff’s past and help us think about a sustainable future.

SAT 9/19/2020 Images in the Sky: Navajo Constellations and their Meaning: Bryan Bates

6 PM Recorded Video

Bryan Bates shares how Native people watched the movement of the Sun, Moon and Stars, and how they were celebrated through ceremony. The Navajo did not have a consistent horizon to use as a reference for their observations. Find out how they used constellations as their guide!

SUN 9/20/2020 Paleontology Collections & Lab Tour

11 AM Recorded Video

This virtual tour will focus on fossil vertebrates including dinosaurs, plesiosaurs, and other prehistoric reptiles not typically on display to the public. Learn about local fossils and the paleontology program at the Museum of Northern Arizona.  

SUN 9/20/2020 Picture a Scientist: Panel Discussion

4 PM LIVE Panel Discussion with Q&A

A panel of active Flagstaff scientists, with diverse backgrounds and fields of study at a variety of career stages, will share their experiences and discuss some unique aspects to getting started and having success in a STEM discipline. After brief self-introductions, the panel will respond to questions submitted through the Festival of Science website ( during the event.

MON 9/21/2020 NAU VPR Innovation Series: Vaccination - A New Approach to the Opioid Epidemic: Naomi Lee  

8:30 AM Recorded Video 

Dr. Lee highlights the fascinating aspects of opioid vaccine design and current results from animal studies.

MON 9/21/2020 Science in Anime!

3:15 PM  Recorded Video or

Check our the Flagstaff Library's YouTube ( and Facebook ( channels for this recorded talk by a library staff member on Science in Anime!

MON 9/21/2020 Tynkertopia Workshop - Create a Creature!

4 PM Join us at or Watch Live Here

Create your own creature from recyclable materials around your house! Gather some tape, glue, and scissors. Other materials will be gathered during the workshop. When done, take a photo of your creature and email it to and we’ll post it on our website.

MON 9/21/2020 Ancestral Hopi Calendar at Wupatki: Bryan Bates

5 PM Recorded Video with Live Q&A

Wupatki National Monument was an enclave of different Puebloan people, with the Crack’N Rock settlement directly related to the Hopi. Bryan Bates will share how Hopi ancestors developed a solar calendar and how it ties to their culture.

MON 9/21/2020 Flagstaff: The Lake Mary Fault & Earthquakes: David S. Brumbaugh

6:30 PM LIVE Presentation with Q&A

David S. Brumbaugh, Professor Emeritus at NAU,  presents on the Lake Mary fault and earthquakes in Flagstaff, AZ. This event was coordinated by the Flagstaff Public Library.

TUE 9/22/2020 Lights, Camera, Anachronism!

8:30 AM Recorded Video

A glimpse into the art and science of light capture through tin-type photography with photographer Eric Retterbush.

TUE 9/22/2020 Momentum Aerial Presents: How do they do that? The Physics of Aerial Arts

4 PM LIVE Presentation with Q&A

Find out how the aerial artists who perform at festivals around town manage to (seemingly) defy gravity? We suggest (but do not require) that you have the following items for full participation: (1) something that weighs at least a pound (2) a spinning desk chair (3) enough space to do a plank (4)  a pair of socks.

TUE 9/22/2020 Mars Rover Update: Ken Herkenhoff & Ryan Anderson

5 PM LIVE Presentation with Q&A

The Perseverance rover will land on Mars in February 2021, joining the Curiosity rover which landed in 2012. Ken Herkenhoff and Ryan Anderson will summarize previous rover missions, give an update on Curiosity's progress, and discuss plans for Perseverance and other future missions.

TUE 9/22/2020 Beyond Earth's Edge: The Poetry of Spaceflight

6:30 PM Presentation with Live Q&A

A trailblazing anthology of poetry that spans from the dawn of the space age to the imagined futures of the universe. In this presentation the book’s co-editors, Christopher Cokinos and Julie Swarstad Johnson, will discuss the project and the unique contributions that poetry can make to our understanding of science. The poems collected in Beyond Earth’s Edge offer a fascinating record of both national mindsets and private perspectives as poets grapple with the promise and peril of U.S. space exploration across six decades and into the present. Beyond Earth’s Edge demonstrates that looking to worlds beyond can help us to better appreciate the complexity, fragility, and value of life here on Earth.

WED 9/23/2020 NAU Innovation Series: The Simple Fool's Guide to the Pandemic: Jason Ladner

8:30 AM Recorded Video

Dr. Ladner provides a primer on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the causative agent of this disease. Topics include the origin of the pandemic, methods for tracking the spread of the virus and the human immune response to infection.

WED 9/23/2020 CCC Home Science Challenge 1 - Build a Lake Core Model and Climate Record!: Kurt Yuengling

4 PM LIVE Workshop with Q&A

Coconino Community College faculty member Kurt Yuengling shows how to use common cupboard items layered into jars to build models of lake cores and examine past climate conditions from the pollen and ash in those layers. Supplies: one-quart mason jar (wide mouth recommended) 1 2/3 cups sugar, 3/4 cup baking cocoa, 1 1/3 cups all-purpose flour, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, 1/4 teaspoon salt, optional extras: chocolate chips, mini-M&M's.

WED 9/23/2020 Can We Control the Weather? - Brian Klimowski

5 PM LIVE Presentation with Q&A

Scientists have long tried to control the weather - from increasing rain and snow levels to preventing tornadoes and hail. We'll take a look at weather modification successes and epic failures, and dive into the science behind what can (and can't) be done!

WED 9/23/2020 Old Caves Crater Pueblo, Virtual Hike: Dennis Gilpin

6:30 PM LIVE Presentation with Q&A

Archaeologist Dennis Gilpin simulates a hike to the Flagstaff Old Caves Crater. The pueblo site near the crater rim consists of a plaza and four stone buildings containing many rooms and cellars providing a glimpse of the last days of the Sinagua occupation.

THUR 9/24/2020 Tynkertopia Workshop: Create a Paper Fort!

4 PM Join us at or Watch Live Here

Create a fort from newspaper or printer paper. Before the workshop, collect a stack of newspapers or printer paper, tape and scissors.

THUR 9/24/2020 Valley Fever - Searching for the Dust Devil: Daniel Kollath

5 PM Live Presentation with Q&A

Learn the fascinating ecology of the fungal disease Valley Fever, as well as other fungal diseases in Arizona when NAU research student Daniel Kollath discusses how these pathogens impact wildlife populations and conservation as well as humans in Arizona. 

THUR 9/24/2020 Cave & Bat Conservation - New Maya Forest Corridor, Belize: Jut Wynne

6:30 PM LIVE Presentation with Q&A

Dr. Jut Wynne examines the complex issue of conflicting government programs through the lens of bat and cave conservation unveiling discoveries of new caves of Runaway Creek with jaguars, crocodiles, bats, and a bizarre bevy of cave-adapted invertebrates taking center stage.  

FRI 9/25/2020 NAU VRP Innovation Series: Does Cheatgrass Use Bacteria to Invade?: Egbert Schwartz

8:30 AM Recorded Video

Cheatgrass is a widespread noxious weed in the Great Basin which fuels frequent wildfires to which sagebrush is not adapted. Join NAU's hunt for an elusive bacteria that might help stop cheatgrass from invading the Great Basin further.

FRI 9/25/2020 CCC Home Science Challenge 2 - Build a Catapult Launcher!: Melinda McKinney

4 PM LIVE Workshop with Q&A

Melinda McKinney from Coconino Community College is your guide as you to build and test catapults! Supplies: 3 rubber bands, 6 popsicle sticks, small marshmallows, a plastic spoon. Optional extras: ruler, more rubber bands, utensils, and projectiles!

FRI 9/25/2020 Rabbits for Dinner and Deer for Tools! The Zoo-archaeology of The Wupatki: Dr. Chrissina Burke

5 PM LIVE Presentation with Q&A

Dr. Chrissina Burke highlights the relationships between Pueblo peoples at Wupatki and animals exploring diet and subsistence strategies, use of animal bones to make tools, and examination of how animals were an important part of every day.

FRI 9/25/2020 SCI Talks Presented by Suddenlink: Chad Woodruff

Empathy, It's Not About Me

7:30 PM Recorded Video

Empathy is the ability to take another’s perspective without confusing their perspective with your own. Known as self-other discrimination, it is key to the ability to empathize. This talk will address the science and how to promote empathy in society.

FRI 9/25/2020 SCI Talks Presented by Suddenlink: Christine Sapio

The True Story of the “CocoNuts” Robotics Team and the Power of Robots to Change Lives

7:30 PM Recorded Video

The CocoNuts are famous in Flagstaff for their bright red shirts, robots and success on the international FIRST Robotics stage. Learn the story of how the team came to be and how these young people fuel movement in STEM education.

FRI 9/25/2020 SCI Talks Presented by Suddenlink: Dawn Tucker

Elevating Empathy: How Theatre Increases our Capacity for Empathy

7:30 PM Recorded Video

Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival Founder Dawn Tucker discusses the critical role of mirror neurons in emotional development, how storytelling plays into increasing empathy and how empathy ensures our survival as a species. 

FRI 9/25/2020 SCI Talks Presented by Suddenlink: Joe Llama
Finding Other Worlds

7:30 PM Recorded Video

We are closer than ever to finding a planet like Earth outside our solar system.  Joe takes you on a journey through the last twenty years of exoplanet science, from the discovery of the most extreme planets, to our quest to find Earth 2.0. 

SAT 9/26/2020 Introduction to 3D Printing Workshop

4 PM LIVE Workshop with Q&A

Learn the basics of 3D printing and how this growing movement is continuing to shape the fields of manufacturing, construction, healthcare, art, and design. Presented by the NAU Cline Library MarkerLab. 

SAT 9/26/2020 The Impact of Pandemics on Human History: Frank von Hippel

7 PM LIVE Presentation with Q&A

How have pandemics shaped human societies, and how did societies cope both before and after the discovery of the responsible pathogen? Frank von Hippel, a professor of ecotoxicology at Northern Arizona University, will discuss four case studies: malaria, yellow fever, bubonic plague, and typhus. To learn more about these case studies, read Professor von Hippel’s new book, The Chemical Age, now available in your local library.

SUN 9/27/2020 Yellowstone's Newest Thermal Area: Greg Vaughan

3 PM Presentation with Live Q&A

A new geologic warm spot has been killing trees in a remote part of Yellowstone for the last 20 years. Yet, it was only recently discovered. Join Dr. Greg Vaughan (USGS) to hear the story of this interesting new thermal area!