Flagstaff Star Party Events



Night Skies through Artists’ Eyes

Downtown galleries and businesses (full list on flagstaffStarParty.org  are featuring the night skies in artwork and literature through September and October. Stop in at these shops for a Celebration of the Night!

Sunset Shadows and Circles: Brian Skiff

9/17, 5 p.m., Recorded Video     FlagstaffStarParty.org

Take an insightful virtual tour of the subtle transition from sunset into twilight. See crepuscular rays, the Earth-shadow and Belt of Venus, plus layered pastel colors over the Sun in the West. 


Live Telescope Viewing

9/17, 7:30 - 8:15 p.m.                     FlagstaffStarParty.org   

Spend an hour live-streaming at the telescope with a local astronomer guiding you through spectacular star clusters, nebulae, and many other wonders of Flagstaff’s starry skies, made possible through the annual Flagstaff Star Party and Lowell Observatory’s telescopes!  


Native Skies with Modern Eyes: David Koerner

9/18, 9 p.m., Recorded Video     FlagstaffStarParty.org

Sky watching is enriched by understanding different perspectives of indigenous communities. Native relationships to Earth and Sky suggest a reciprocal relationship with a living Universe, illustrated by sky stories. 

Images in the Sky: Navajo Constellations and their Meaning: Bryan Bates

9/19, 6 p.m., Recorded Video    FlagstaffStarParty.org

Bryan Bates shares how Native people watched the movement of the Sun, Moon and Stars, and how they were celebrated through ceremony. The Navajo did not have a consistent horizon to use as a reference for their observations. Find out how they used constellations as their guide!

Night Walk

9/20, Buffalo Park

Sign up for a socially distanced walk in one of Flagstaff’s best night sky locales. Enjoy conversations on fascinating night sky topics. Flagstaff Star Party souvenir flashlights will be provided. Face masks required. Make reservations at flagstaffStarParty.org


Night Music

9/26, 7 p.m.     Pre-recorded concert at FlagstaffStarParty.org

Take your streaming device outside, sit back and watch the Universe unfold to new arrangements of “Sunset” from Grofé‘s Grand Canyon Suite and “Jupiter” from Holst’s The Planets. Between selections, musician/astronomer David Koerner will point out bright planets and stars as they come into view.