Junior Paleontologist 10 Day Program

developed by Dave Gillette


During each day of the festival, a new set of fun activities (including puzzles and art) that teach about the amazing diversity of dinosaurs will be available for download. Featured dinosaurs include the Earth Shaker, Seismosaurus and the Giant Predator from Tuba City, Dilophosaurus. The program is designed for K to 6th-grade students, but can be enjoyed by all curious learners!                        

Day 1 - Coelophysis - The Little Triassic Dinosaur

Day 2 - Dilophosaurus - The Giant Predator from Tuba City

Day 3 - Seismosaurus, The Earth Shaker

Day 4 - The Sickle-Claw Dinosaur from Utah

Day 5 - Pentaceratops - Big Brother or Sister to Triceratops

Day 6 - Extinction of the Dinosaurs

Day 7 - Flyers and Swimmers - Pterosaurs and Plesiosaurs

Day 8 - Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex

Day 9 - Triassic Park - Petrified National Forest Park

Day 10 - Ice Age Giants